micron_NOR Flash Facility – Fab 13


At Micron and IM Flash Singapore, we aim to be the world leader in memory-based solutions through continuous innovation and engineering strength. Our products are built on decades of design and manufacturing expertise, and are used in various electronic products by our customers on a global scale.

In Singapore, we have:
• Three semiconductor fabrication plants
• An assembly, test and module facility
• A newly established technology centre supporting innovation across the company
• Sales offices and a worldwide operations team
• Worldwide manufacturing operations managed from Singapore to drive
  efficiencies and regional alignment
• A shared service centre that provides centralised support for business operations
  throughout the Asia-Pacific region

The size and scope of our presence in Singapore creates a unique work environment like no other: a Talent Hub where the brightest minds and very best talents collaborate towards common strategic objectives. Just imagine the vast opportunities for you to take an active stance in your career growth and development of expertise!

Choose a path that will propel the rest of your Career. At Micron and IM Flash Singapore, you’ll find that direction.


Fab 13 (formerly known as Numonyx) in Singapore specializes in NOR Flash memory products for the increasingly sophisticated needs of our customers in the cellular, data, mobile and embedded markets. Micron Numonyx is dedicated to providing high definition solutions to a global base of customers – whether that’s delivering next-generation processes and performance, or continuing to support and supply legacy solutions.